Tall Kitchen Cabinets

This is probably the trendiest option you can go for right now. Tall kitchen cabinets are officially the fastest growing trend predicted to raise in popularity by 8% in the next 3 years. Sales of base cabinets and other regular kitchen furniture only raise by 2% on average.
Your two main options are 2-meter tall cabinets and ones stretching up to the ceiling. Since they are already covering the entire wall, it’s a better idea to go for the full-length option as it helps you maximise the available space and removes the necessity of dusting and cleaning the top of the cabinets, which is really hard to reach. The configuration of tall cabinets varies a lot – you can have them designed as broom cupboards, boiler housing, laundry cupboard, a larder or a simple shelving unit for storing miscellaneous items.
Tall kitchen cabinets help you break away from the monotonous run of base cabinets and tiled walls. Throwing a few tall ones in the mix suddenly makes your kitchen look more interesting. It can even make the space look bigger. And, did we mention all this extra storage space that you get? Sure, we did!

Average Cost

On average, base cabinets cost between £100 and £400 depending on materials and technology.

Where to order base cabinets?

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