Corner Cabinets

If designed correctly, this nifty cabinet can become the storage space for your biggest kitchen items – those that would otherwise just take up space on the worktops. Looking back at cabinets designed in the 1980s and 1990s, the corner spaces are very awkward and hard to reach or just downright underutilised. Today, in our opinion, a corner cabinet is the most versatile piece of furniture that you will ever get. The pivotal moment for corner cabinets (a pun is intended) was the invention of revolving shelving.
This allows you to store up to a dozen decent size pans and pots with instant easy access to any of them. The slightly inconvenient bit comes when you end up needing to clean the swivel units. It’s virtually impossible to clean the furthest corners without dismantling the whole shelving unit.
This is where the corner drawers come into the picture. Although it’s an ingenious and simple idea, the corner drawers have only been around for approximately five years. People are usually surprised when they’re offered an option to have drawers with their corner unit as they don’t think this is actually possible.  Thanks to some really clever slider construction, it is now indeed possible and the good news that it’s really easy to clean them. Storage-wise, they are comparable to the rotating shelves. It comes down to your particular taste and preference.

Average Cost

On average, corner cabinets cost between £200 and £600 depending on materials and technology.

Where to order corner cabinets?

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