Base Cabinets

As the name suggests, kitchen base cabinets are the basic building blocks of your kitchen. They make up the main bulk of the kitchen furniture setup and get attached to the walls forming the base for a worktop.
Base cabinets come in singles or doubles and can be ordered in different width and depth to match any space and to maximise the storage. Most popular cabinets are 50 or 60cm wide but you can order them in bespoke sizes. Design-wise there are two types of base cabinets – inframe kitchens and modular kitchens.
It’s easy to recognise an inframe kitchen by just looking at it – all doors are inset within a frame that is bolted onto the front of the carcass. With modular kitchens, doors overlap the sides of every unit and you can’t see the frame. From many aspects, inframe kitchens are better as they look better and their doors are not as prone to sagging as doors of modular type.

Average Cost

On average, base cabinets cost between £100 and £400 depending on materials and technology.

Where to order base cabinets?

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