Base Cabinets with Drawers

Kitchen base cabinets with drawers helps you remodel your kitchen by adding a fresh and elegant look plus an easily accessible storage space. The beauty of drawer units is that the type and configuration of drawers is down to your imagination. The typical layout is three drawers, however, the combinations are endless. You can have a single big pullout drawer for keeping large pans and utensils as well as a combination of doors and drawers.

There are two main features that set apart average drawer units and superb drawer units:

Soft-close dampers that make the drawers go smooth and close softly rather than shut with a loud slam
Dove-tailed drawer boxes – forming solid joints among all sides ensuring high quality finish and longevity.

Historically it is believed that drawers evolved from shelves. At the end of the day, drawers are just like shelves only with a much more convenient access. Ergonomic kitchen design has to achieve a perfect harmony between usability, space boosting and aesthetic value. Base cabinets with drawers serve a lot of purpose in this context as they are both functional and look great. As far as storage is concerned, well-built drawers have a capacity of housing more items than conventional base cabinets besides they do this in a more orderly fashion.

This usually makes up for the fact that in the in-frame kitchen construction, the useful width of a drawer unit is narrower. Frameless construction permits the drawers to be almost as wide as the unit, however, the in-frame kitchens are in fashion currently.

To achieve a balanced design and optimum usability, it’s a good practice to introduce a mixture of regular base cabinets and drawer cabinets.

Average Cost

Drawer cabinets cost between £150 and £500 depending on materials and technology.

Where to order?

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